All roads lead to friends

It has been two years since I got divorced and in those two years so many things have changed for me. Sometimes the road has been filled with potholes but mostly it has been stretching ahead beckoning me to jump on and ride it and enjoy myself.

I have made new friends, I now surround myself with a group of people who enjoy having fun, aren’t scared to speak their minds, and who have a wide range of interests , some shared and others admired. I still don’t have a BFF, but that is because I don’t believe in them, I have a group of friends who come and go depending on what season they are in. Experience has taught me that the right friend pops up at the right time depending on the season of your life. It doesn’t mean that the others disappear, they certainly don’t they are just in a ‘season’ themselves and the roads instead of been parallel are branching away from each other for a short journey only to converge later whether that be in a months’ time, 6 months’ time or a years’ time. It does not matter, they are still there but busy with their things while you are busy with yours. I am comfortable with this concept and it makes sense to me. Instead of trying to hold on to one friend for dear life and getting all grumpy and cross because they are too busy for me, I have learnt to go with the flow and enjoy the people in my life at this particular moment.

My interests and hobbies have grown, I am enjoying making dress up costumes for the many things that we attend that require costumes. Working out the details of how and what just feed into my creative bent and I love it. I have taken up Burlesque dancing and can honestly say that it makes me so happy, I love it, the music, the costumes and the whole world of Burlesque. If a few years back you had mentioned Burlesque to me I probably would have ignored it and thought “no thank you”. I love how it makes me feel, despite been a little round and short it makes me feel sexy and naughty, something all woman should feel. I have a fantastic teacher who is passionate about the art of burlesque and I appreciate this so much.

I look to this year with new projects buzzing around in my head, waiting for them to take root, flourish and bloom. I am excited for what the year holds and will be sharing with you more, and hopefully blogging on a more regular basis, my aim is two blogs a month at the very least.

Till next time …


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