For a couple of weeks I have started and deleted various blog articles. I get inspired and enthusiastic about a topic and attack my keyboard and half way through the article I get bored and delete it. This made me realise that I need to examine why I keep doing this, what is it and at what point do I lose interest?

For many years I have always felt that what I have to say is not really very important and why would anyone be interested in what I have to say, feel or think? It is difficult feeling this way because I often do feel strongly about something or have a valid opinion but I just stop myself verbalising it. That may be one of the reasons I have started articles and not completed them because I have felt who really cares? I need to understand that this my blog and if I choose to write about the clouds, my sex life, work, friends, food, parties, cars, cats and other mundane things that is fine. Because this is my blog I can blog about whatever I choose and you can choose to read it or not. You can also agree or disagree with me, laugh and cry with me, the choice is yours.

I am not pretending to be the expert on any particular topic but I will be talking from my own experiences or thoughts and sharing them with you. I think we all need a place where we can let it out and sometimes it will be pretty and other times not so, but that is not the point. The point for me is to share what is running around in my head, perhaps making you feel pretty normal and okay about yourself. We often tend to hide what we feel and think from people because we do not want to be judged, or laughed at.

It has taken me two days to write this article, but I was really determined not to delete it, I saved it can came back to it this morning.

So here’s to the challenges life throws our ways ,the fun, laughter, the sad times, the tears and the ups and downs. Let’s ride them together and share and learn from each other.


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