What’s happening in my brain?!

I have a hundred conversations going on in my head, ideas milling around and I desperately want to write an article for my blog. Where to start, what topic to pick it is all very confusing and what I really want to do is write about it all.

Right now my mind is on the fact that my girls are busy writing exams and I am wondering how they are finding the exams and if they prepared enough, how are they feeling? At the same time I am thinking about the pile of dishes waiting for me at home that I need to tackle. What should I cook for supper? Did the girls make sure the cats had water? Then I am thinking about the logistics of the week, which days are the girls at home on study break, what time they finish each day, dropping my man at the airport early on Thursday morning, social events happening in the evenings and the list goes on and on.

Then stirring in the back of my mind is my very messy craft area that I need to sort out so that I can be productive and get some scrapbooking done, practice some quilling and finish sewing the dining room curtains. I also have wool calling to me, I want to start knitting and then there is some cross stitch that I want to get stuck into.

I have photos on a camera that I am trying to download but can’t find the right cable, I have some emails to catch up, I need to visit my Gran at some stage, I want to tidy out the games cupboard and get rid of the games we will never ever play again, the puzzles that we have built over and over again and won’t look at for the next few years. I want to move the extensive comic collection to the bottom shelf of the book case as the shelf is sagging, and move my scrapbooking albums to the top shelf. I want to go through my craft magazine and tear out and file the ideas that I like and toss the magazines.

I would like to tidy out my clothes cupboard and tidy up my shoes as well as sort out practical storage for my burlesque costumes and accessories. I also have a birthday dinner coming up and want to sort out decor details for the table and the menu.

I have started a monthly craft afternoon with a group of ladies so there are small parts of my brain that is storing ideas and information for the afternoons. I want to do more with mosaics and have been thinking about gift ideas for various people using mosaics and then mentally making a note of what supplies I need and where to buy them.

When I have some time or need to unwind I am hooked on World of Warcraft and enjoy spending a couple of hours playing each week. I also have a pile of books non-fiction and fiction that I am busy reading. My family have started a monthly photographic challenge and each month we are given 2 themes and have to submit photos to my sister who then loads them onto her flikr account for us to see. This means finding the time to take the photo’s downloading them and emailing them to her. Somehow the month flies by and I find myself scrambling to take photies!

On top of this I have two teenage girls living with me and this requires loads of wisdom and patience in dealing with mood swings, boy troubles and emotions. This excludes my three ‘step children’ who live 500km away but are constantly on my mind as I know their dad misses them terribly and I am always thinking of when and how we can squeeze visits in.

Those are just a few things whizzing through my mind daily, tomorrow I’ll share some more.


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